Onboarding Feature functions:

  • Create wallet - the ability to create a new wallet along with the private and public keys on the device. Specifying PIN code and validating it is part of the
    wallet creation.
  • Import wallet - import an existing Pillar wallet (from another device) or a certain range of third party wallets.
  • Create user name - create a username (requires min 4 and max 30 characters), which must be unique
  • Create + Confirm PIN Code - create a six digit pin code used to access the application and process transactions
  • Backup wallet - access, view and validate (through 3-word quiz) backup phrase directly from on-boarding before wallet creation.
  • View Terms of Use, Backup Phrase and Private Key Descriptions - access and read detailed information on private key, backup phrase and the wallet terms of use.

Assets Feature functions: 

  • View the default assets - include ETH and PLR
  • Manage tokens - search for, add or remove tokens within personal wallet asset list from the "manage tokens" screen (3 dots on top right corner of the screen). Also hide currently displayed assets by swiping left on the asset within the list view (confirmation pop up will appear).
  • Display and copy public address - display the public address of the wallet and copy it to device clipboard so it can be pasted into another app (alternative to sharing).
  • Display QR code for public address - display a QR code that other Pillar users can scan on their devices in order to send or receive tokens.
  • Share public address - share your public key via email or other services on the device.
  • Send assets - send crypto to an ETH address or an existing wallet contact (using People feature). Specifying gas level (Slow, Normal, Fast) is included. Send the entire balance of an asset. Display the transaction balance, available asset balance and gas setting option in the specified base currency (GBP, EUR, or USD). PIN code is required to confirm transaction before sending. Send assets by scanning a QR code of a relevant asset address. Add a note to transactions.
  • View transactions - view the transactions pertaining to a specific asset. Tapping on a transaction will provide a detail view including status (pending, failed, succeeded), date, amount and party (sender/receiver), as well as the ability to view the detailed transaction details (‘View on the blockchain’ button).
  • Historical transactions - display historical transaction in the case of an imported wallet. 

People Feature functions:

  • Display connections -display the list of existing connections (sorted alphabetically)
  • Search for people - search the Pillar directory for existing, established and/or new connections based on username (case insensitive search)

  • Connect to person - request a connection to a person based on the search (‘request sent’ shown for outstanding connections)

  • View a connection - tap on a connection and view the connection username, avatar, and transaction history.

  • View connection requests - See, accept or reject connection requests

  • Chat with a connection - chat with an existing connection directly from their connection profile screen.

  • Send a connection funds - send funds to an existing connection directly from the connection profile screen.

Home Feature functions:

  • Add and view avatar - take or upload an existing picture to use as avatar. Turn on/off flash. Toggle camera (front/back).

  • Access support chat - access and live chat with support agents. Search for the Pillar knowledge base and FAQ.

  • View portfolio balance -  see portfolio balance displayed in selected base currency (GBP, EUR or USD)

  • Access settings -  access settings and advanced features.

  • View recent connections - view the most recent connections. 
  • View activity - view your activity sorted by most recent. Filter activity by All, Transactions, and Social. Tapping on an activity will display a detailed view of the transaction and action buttons related to the activity type (Requested, Incoming connection, Connection Established, Accept request, Decline, Cancel Request, Pending, Success, Failed transactions, and View on Blockchain).

Settings Feature functions:

  • Change profile settings - update your Country, City, Email and Full Name (note: these are not validated currently)

  • Change general settings - change base currency (GBP, EUR, or USD), reveal and verify backup phrase and change PIN code (requires existing PIN in order to change) 

  • Change appearance settings - change Asset Layout (Simplified, Minified, Extra Small, Extended)

  • View "About" -  contact live support, view the Pillar Knowledge base, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • View system information - view system Info, lock the screen and delete your wallet

Chat Feature functions:

  • View chats -  view and access outstanding chats organized by most recent. View the username, avatar, most recent message and the date of every chat. New chats should have a related alert and and notification icon.

  • Create a new chat -  start a new chat with an existing connection. Messages are displayed by most recent, organized by date and show username, avatar, timestamp and color (yellow for self, white for other).

Notifications Feature functions:

  • General - display a yellow alert icon/bubble above every navigation tab (except market) when there is an outstanding alert/action to be taken.

  • Transactions, Connections and Chat - all display an in-app toast and recipient push notification.

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