Pillar Wallet now supports ERC-721 simply send them to your Ethereum address on the Pillar Wallet to hold your favourite items! Make sure to refresh when receiving by pulling down the screen on the collectibles tap. You should also receive a notification. 

Login with Pillar Wallet to the Pillar Forum

Users will now be able to login on with the Pillar Wallet user credentials. Simple open the above URL on your mobile browser and tap on "Login" at the top right corner and follow the steps to login with the Pillar Wallet. Make sure to have inputted your email credentials under Settings in the wallet. You can also login via the desktop browser using QR technology with the same steps. 

Known Issues

The following issues are known with this release and will be addressed in the next releases. 

  • QR code support via Desktop login for Pillar Wallet might not work depending on the device. 
  • Connections requests cannot be declined nor removed. 
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