1. To the Moon! — ''Wallet created''

  2. Description: Welcome to your Pillar Wallet! Ready to embark on your new journey together? This is your first Badge - feels like it is the first of many.

  3. Action: Download Pillar Wallet app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)- Create a new Wallet 

  1. Wordsmith — ''Wallet imported''

  2. Description: We’re honored to welcome you here and happy to announce that your precious assets made it to the best home they’ll ever be in.

  3. Action: Please follow the link for the instructions on how to restore your Pillar Wallet: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-restore-your-pillar-wallet

  1. High Five''First connection established''

  2. Description: You’re quick at making friends! Just keep building your contact book and try to send them something - there may be a surprise for you...

  3. Action: Please follow the link for the instructions on how to connect with others: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-connect-with-pillar-wallet-users

  1. Coin Collector — 'First transaction received''

  2. Description: Your friends are not just contacts in your address book - they must really like you! This one confirms that (and your asset balance does too).

  3. Action: Ask someone from your Pillar wallet contacts to send you any asset.

  1. Sharing is Caring — ''First transaction made''

  2. Description: Is it a dream or can sending assets really be that easy? Yes, we know, there’s no turning back now to those old, confusing addresses and QR codes.

  3. Action: Find another Pillar wallet through your contacts and send any asset to them!

  1. Keymaster''Backup secured''

  2. Description: One of us, one of us! Security first, no risks taken and triple checks on everything - you’re doing it right and your assets are safer than ever.

  3. Action: Please open Home tab- Settings (gear icon) at the upper right corner of   the screen- choose “Backup Wallet”. Enter your PIN code and you’ll see your 12   words. Make sure that your 12 words backup phrase is written down to the safe   place   (on Windows: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-keep-your-backup-phrase-protected-windows; on iOS: https://help.pillarproject.io/user-guide/how-to-keep-your-backup-phrase-protected-mac). After that select the correct words to verify your backup phrase. That's it, now your backup is secured!

We hope you enjoy the idea and will be able to get all of them!

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