You can use Wallet Connect with other services which support Wallet Connect feature. As an example, the following guide is showing how to use Wallet Connect with In order to use the Wallet Connect feature with, please follow the steps:

  1. Open a browser on your desktop (Google Chrome, Safari, etc)

  2. Go to

3. Click on "Connect your wallet" button.

4. Click on "Connect" button in the WalletConnect box.

5. Open your Pillar Wallet, go to Home tab and choose "New session" under your name and balance.

6. Scan the QR code from your browser. You should enable permission for your camera in order to scan a QR code.

7. Approve your session request. Please be aware that the pending session approval may be expired if you wait for too long and you may see an error that the session is timed out. In this case just click on WalletConnect once again and approve session request.

8. Confirm the wallet from your browser.

9. You will see the similar screen with your wallet address, assets, portfolio performance, etc.

Congratulations! You're now able to exchange available tokens without need to copy and paste long wallet addresses with help of Wallet Connect feature!

If you need help with accessing other websites which support WalletConnect please reach support at [email protected], by using Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right corner of or via in-app chat in the support section of the Home tab.

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