Notice: this is applies only for the Key wallet. Smart Wallet cannot be imported into Metamask.

1. Open your chrome browser and log on to

Or go to the app store and search for MetaMask

2. Add metamask to your chrome browser.

Or install MetaMask from the app store.

3. Metamask will be installed on your chrome browser, click the get started button.

On the phone it's pretty much the same afterwards.

4. You will be required to input your 12 words phrase.

Notice: If you are already logged in, you'll have to log out of your account to access Pillar. You can also do this on another browser if you wish to avoid doing so.

5. Go to your pillar wallet and tap the settings button.

6. Click recovery settings,type in your wallet password and your 12 words phrase will pop up.

7. Go back to metamask and type in the 12 words phrase.

8. Your pillar wallet will successfully be imported into metamask

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