If you have added liquidity to our Uniswap pool, you don't need to remove your liquidity, you just need to stake your liquidity pool tokens in order to receive your rewards via the below dashboard.

If you have not added liquidity yet to the Uniswap pool, follow this guide to add liquidity to our Uniswap pool:

Adding liquidity on Uniswap PLR-DAI

Once you have added your liquidity to the pool, simply go to https://plr.pillarproject.io/

on your desktop browser.

You will see the following screen:

Simply connect with your wallet that has your Liquidity Pool tokens. In this example we will use the Pillar Wallet which has the liquidity pool tokens. Click on Wallet Connect, a QR code will appear.

Now open your Pillar wallet, go to Connect tab and tap on Connect to open the camera and scan the QR code that is on your desktop browser.

You will be prompted to connect on your Pillar Wallet:

Once approved, you will be seeing a pool on https://plr.pillarproject.io/ , choose PLR-DAI pool.

Once clicked, you will be asked to unlock, you will need to approve through Wallet Connect again, after approving, you will see your current unstaked balance of liquidity pool tokens:

Now, simply click on Stake tokens and you will be prompted again on your Pillar Wallet to approve the transaction to stake:

Once approved, the dashboard will show a transaction in progress:

Once this is completed, you will see that your liquidity pool tokens have been staked, now sit back and wait for your PLR awards to arrive.

You can come back to just claim your PLR tokens, unstake or exit and claim at any time!

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